November 3, 2016

[Moive I love] Gran Torino

Gran Torino

Directed by Clint Eastwood

     I heard the name, Clint Eastwood over thousands of times, but I had no idea about him. Guessed a handsome & somewhat legendary actor in Hollywood. But when this movie ended, I naturally came to know how great he is as a director and actor. What made me really moved was its natural approach to the minority's life in America, without a big exaggeration. Some scenes are really hilarious thanks to the stiff and conservative characteristics of Clint Eastwood in the movie and some bloggers said this movie is a great comedy. I, however, cannot put this file into comedy genre. This is because I also belong to a minority and I can easily imagine the threat from the movies as a real. This movie tells its story in a really calm way, delivering messages that caring and love which will cure you are not always coming from your family, but from your neighbors just like total strangers, regardless of races, cultural backgrounds, and social classes. Hope you would enjoy this film someday.


  1. I would love to watch this movie because the half of the story that you explained is amazing and really developed my interest in it.


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