August 2, 2017

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App Review - GUDAK Camera Application

   If you feel getting tired of smartphone camera applications which seem trendy but nothing strikingly new like the moment when you tried an Instagram camera for the first time,  I bet you love this app - GUDAK. Not only does GUDAK bring you the nostalgic analog mood but the precious 'undo' moment. I paid the application without hesitance as my editor friend working at a fashion magazine highly recommended this app. At least it will be cool. Why not give it a shot? Also, given the fact that one of my favorite photographers (frankly she is almost only one I know), Hasisi Park, she has been still working with her old film camera. I like the fading and old feelings of photos taken by film cameras, which cannot (or can hardly) be achieved by digital cameras.

  After 3 days of waiting for the 1st film (24 photos available per film) to come out, I got below exciting results.

   I love these photos!!! After using one film up, you need to wait an hour for the next film. Yes, this app requires a lot of patience, but worth it. Just for your info(*), this app is made by 4 Korean guys and it took 2 years to complete the app. They gathered once a week in the evening after their regular work. They started this app design for fun!!! Yes, it's successfully fun! Mr. Kang, one of four members, said that they wanted to change the concept that photos saved in phones become just 'storage', They wanted people to more focus on the action of taking a photo itself. The idea of 3 days waiting time comes from the theory that people tend to forget after 3 days. So when people are about to forget, GUDAK will give them unexpected gifts! And GUDAK is named after Korean words - '구닥다리(Gudakdari)' which means an old fashioned thing. If you like above photos, I am sure you will go to the app store and purchase GUDAK.

* The interview reference:

** iTunes app review link:

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